Rosarito/ Tijuana, Mexico

During the week of April 12th-16th we decided to do some missionary work in Mexico, and it was absolutley amazing! It mostly consisted of eating good food and meeting amazing people. We visited the Rubi Tijuana congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses and helped them by inviting English speakers to the memorial where we remember Jesus and the sacrafice he made for us. Not only did we have a blast talking to those who visited at their homes and on the streets, but we also enjoyed the company of those who opened up their congregation to us. They were the kindest and most loving people! It has the best food ever and beautiful scenery! Every street corner is filled with taco stands, and if you pick one up, you will not regret it! They are so delicious! Not to mention the coastline! The ocean is so beautiful as you drive along the highway. If you ever the chance to visit Baja California/ Mexico, please do! I hope to visit again very soon!

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Adventures in Kauai🌴

riding in a bed of a truck! 3/4/17
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Hanalei 3/8/17
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wishing well shave ice 3/8/17
Napali Mountains 3/10/17
jumping for joy 3/8/17
!!! 3/5/17
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Queens Bath waterfall 3/10/17
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snorkeling in Poi’Pu 3/8/17
Anahola cafè 3/8/17
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sippin’ coconuts 3/8/17
besties 3/8/17
Hanalei Bay lookout 3/8/17
Queens Bath 3/9/17
Shipwrecks 3/8/17

KAUAI! We arrived on the island of Kauai, Hawaii Saturday, March 4 around 1pm. It was rainy, but once we arrived at our airbnb the sun parted through the clouds making it warm again. I had two motives for this trip, swim in a waterfall and ride in a bed of a truck. I knew that it was legal to ride in a bed of a truck in Hawaii, so the first thing we did was hop in the back enjoying the beautiful scenery. Throughout the next 6 days we did the most incredible things! Jumping off bridges, swinging off rope swings, eating TONS of shave ice, hiking to beautiful lookouts, tubing old sugar cane irrigation systems, drinking coconuts, eating acai bowls, singing and dancing in the rain, snorkeling in Poi’Pu, hiking and swimming in waterfalls, and seeing the famous Queens Bath. My favorite moments had to be swimming in the waterfall by Queens Bath and finding coconut shops and shave ice places. This trip summed up my dream vacation. I spent it with the most amazing, fun, and loving people and I cannot wait to go back one day. Kauai will always have a special place in my heart💗



Like My Dad

A post my best friend created about dads that I think everyone needs to read💙

Her Wildflower Mind

“The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy,” Frenchy in Grease

Dads. Couldn’t live without them. Literally.

As daughters, we get the good qualities and the bad ones, but in the end, they shape who we are. Dads have been around since the day we began breathing, they’re the ones who (along with our remarkable mothers) who helped us to take our first step, pull out our first tooth (painfully might I add), they listen(ed) to the endless amount of hormonal tears and endured through the hyper energy of our youth. They take you driving for the first time, show you what real music is, give you away at your wedding (and secretly shed a few tears, but they would probably never actually admit it).

But, as we all know, it’s not always “sunshine and lollipops.”There are the times when us daughters have a tone too sharp…

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somewhere only we know…

friends are the people who are always there for you,

the ones who love you unconditionally,

no matter what.

they’re the people who believe in you,

respect you,

and never doubt you.

a friendship is when you can block out the whole world,

and the only thing that matters is you being together.

be yourself,

and the ones who truly love you,

will stay,

and you can shine together…

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First Blog Post


Blogging is not something that I have ever imagined myself doing, but after seeing friends create one I am very intrigued to start. I have always considered myself a creative person, so I think having this outlet will be really great. This blog will help me express my life, travels, daily routines, things I’ve done, things I plan to do, and inspiration. I hope you all enjoy whatever I post.😊✨